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What's My Puppy News

What's My Puppy? on Peggy's Pet Place

Original article can be found here:

After the recent success of the very fun Magical Mystery Mutt Tour blog hop, co-hosted by me, Will My Dog Hate Me, and I Still Want More Puppies, I realize that many people enjoy playing Guess That Dog Breed. So you may also enjoy this new website, What's My Puppy?

Started by Rick Thomas, a Columbus based web designer and animal lover, and inspired by his rescued shelter dog, Miley (pictured), What's My Puppy? helps people determine the breed of their pound puppies. Best of all, the site also donates quarterly to the registered shelter with the most participation points.

What's My Puppy offers users the chance to vote and comment on what they think the breed may be of any of the many puppies posted on the site. Users can even find out what their mystery breed pup may be through comments posted by other site users.

Fifteen percent of the site's advertising profits are donated to various shelters. In this way What's My Puppy? is raising not only awareness for homeless puppies, but actual dollars to help place more of the millions of homeless puppies.

What's My Puppy Featured on Dog Spelled Forward

Dog News Update: January 1, 2011

By Eric Goebelbecker | Published: January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Let’s start out the new year with some cool stories!

Artist BZTAT is starting a new project called Okey’s Promise, to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse, and domestic violence. You can donate to the project here, at Kickstarter.

Picking on the big food companies is fun and well, usually easy. But sometimes they foil our snarky plans with news like this, which I received just before Christmas:

…..As you may or may not be aware, also on December 20th, Americans nationwide had the opportunity to vote online to raise funds for five national pet-related charities. Over the course of the day, Purina ONE beyOnd donated $200,000 total to the charities and the online voting determined how much of the monetary pool each charity would receive.

Well, the results are in and here is the breakdown of how much each nonprofit will receive as a result of the online voting:

American Humane Association: $103,200

Adopt A Pet: $43,800

Operation Baghdad:  $32,400

AAHA Helping Pets Fund: $12,800

Delta Society: $7,800

Think of it as an early holiday present for the pup and kitties at these shelters!

This is part of a promotion Purina is running for their new premium food, beyOnd. I have the fact sheet here. I imagine may people are going to be very skeptical of a premium food coming from a big company. I think it’s a good thing: some people just won’t look past the big names, and if the market is forcing them to make better food, isn’t that good for dogs?

Do you have a rescue dog whose breed mix you just can’t figure out? has set up a “crowdsourced” solution to the problem. Post a photo of your dog with a biography and get some guesses and discussion from other site members. The site has a very cool points system that also gives you a chance to donate to shelters and rescues! Here’s how it works. I plan on posting Gage soon, who I usually refer as a Rorshach’s dog.

It’s been too long since I had a shout-out to another blog. Debbie Jacobs over at the Fearful Dogs Blog made a beautiful point about rewards and the science of motivation just before the holiday break. Check it out.

Read the original article here.

What's My Puppy Featured on

View the original article on Pawnation:

by Kristen Seymour

"We know you love animals and want to improve their lives. But we also know how busy you are. That's why Paw Nation is making it easy for you to get involved in the paws cause by sharing ways people are helping animals across the country and around the world. Use these ideas as inspiration for projects in your own community, or get involved directly with animal causes!

Let's Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without a turkey, right? Ellen DeGeneres is hoping you'll consider adopting a turkey this year with Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey Project. For just $30 you can sponsor a rescued turkey residing at Farm Sanctuary.

Name That Dog

What's My Puppy is a fun website that lets you upload a picture of your dog and offer users the chance to vote and comment on what breed your puppy is. Each quarter (soon to be each month), a winning shelter receives 15 percent of the site's advertising profits as a donation.

Get Inspiration Here

Check out Planet Dog's Fifth Annual Woofminster -- an amateur dog-show fundraiser -- raised $5,000 for Guiding Eyes for the Blind's Maine puppy-raising team. The event featured loads of fun contests like Best Mystery Mutt, Best Beggar, and Happiest Dog. You can check out pictures from the successful event on Flickr. To donate to Guiding Eyes for the Blind, go here.

Support Shelters in Style

Much More Than Me Tees are, well, much more than your average t-shirt. The shirts are fashionable, but also make important points. We even got a little choked up at the reasons given for dogs ending up in shelters on this shirt. More importantly, proceeds from the sale of the shirts (as well as the book "Underdogs") help shelters and rescues nationwide!

Help a Shelter Cat Feel at Home

Anybody who's ever brought home a new kitty knows that the transition can be a bit challenging. However, when the cat comes home with something familiar, it's a bit easier on everybody. That's where Imperial Cat's Adopt-Me Scratch 'n Bits come in. The idea behind the inexpensive, space-saving scratchers is that they give kitty a bit more comfort while in the shelter, and then a new owner brings the scratcher home so the cat has something familiar when they get there. You can get involved by purchasing a case (20 to 25 units) for just $25 and have them shipped to the shelter of your choice. Simply call Kristie, Director of Sales, at 501-354-8466 to donate!

Lab? Retriever? What’s your puppy? Just ask your friends.

Contact: Rick Thomas
Cell Phone: 814-720-2166

Headline: Lab? Retriever? What’s your puppy? Just ask your friends.

Launched 8-19-10 out of Columbus, Ohio, is clearing up the age-old question that everyone seems to ask when he or she meets your new pet. What kind is she?

What’s My Puppy, was started by Columbus based web designer, and animal lover Rick Thomas (Contact information provided above). What’s my puppy, through a fun, discussion board setting, offers users the chance to vote and comment on what they think the breed may be of any of the many puppies posted on the site. Users can even find out what their mystery breed pup may be through comments posted by other site users.

It’s easy! Just registering to the site will start you off strong with 100 points. Then simply begin commenting or upload your own pup for more points to see what others think he or she is!

Quarterly, soon to be monthly, a winning registered shelter will be notified by e-mail. The winner will receive 15% of the site's advertising profits as a donation. If an individual wins, they get one week to choose which shelter will receive the donation on their behalf.

In only 4 months of existence the site boasts over 90 puppies in the database, over 51 users, and a clever fun discussion board like setting. has by itself begun raising not just awareness for homeless puppies, but actual dollars to help place more of the millions of homeless puppies in our City, State, and Country.

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We have chosen designer/Illustrator Rick Martin to assist us in the illustration of's logo.

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The logo is based on our dog who initially sparked the idea for