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What's My Puppy Featured on Dog Spelled Forward

What's My Puppy Featured on Dog Spelled Forward

Dog News Update: January 1, 2011

By Eric Goebelbecker | Published: January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Let’s start out the new year with some cool stories!

Artist BZTAT is starting a new project called Okey’s Promise, to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse, and domestic violence. You can donate to the project here, at Kickstarter.

Picking on the big food companies is fun and well, usually easy. But sometimes they foil our snarky plans with news like this, which I received just before Christmas:

…..As you may or may not be aware, also on December 20th, Americans nationwide had the opportunity to vote online to raise funds for five national pet-related charities. Over the course of the day, Purina ONE beyOnd donated $200,000 total to the charities and the online voting determined how much of the monetary pool each charity would receive.

Well, the results are in and here is the breakdown of how much each nonprofit will receive as a result of the online voting:

American Humane Association: $103,200

Adopt A Pet: $43,800

Operation Baghdad:  $32,400

AAHA Helping Pets Fund: $12,800

Delta Society: $7,800

Think of it as an early holiday present for the pup and kitties at these shelters!

This is part of a promotion Purina is running for their new premium food, beyOnd. I have the fact sheet here. I imagine may people are going to be very skeptical of a premium food coming from a big company. I think it’s a good thing: some people just won’t look past the big names, and if the market is forcing them to make better food, isn’t that good for dogs?

Do you have a rescue dog whose breed mix you just can’t figure out? has set up a “crowdsourced” solution to the problem. Post a photo of your dog with a biography and get some guesses and discussion from other site members. The site has a very cool points system that also gives you a chance to donate to shelters and rescues! Here’s how it works. I plan on posting Gage soon, who I usually refer as a Rorshach’s dog.

It’s been too long since I had a shout-out to another blog. Debbie Jacobs over at the Fearful Dogs Blog made a beautiful point about rewards and the science of motivation just before the holiday break. Check it out.

Read the original article here.